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buy my nudes!

Hi! If you're landing on this page, you probably know who I am and why you're here, but just in case... I'm Stephanie, and I've been getting naked on the internet for over two decades 😇

I was planning to launch an OnlyFans in 2021, but for a number of personal reasons that doesn't feel right at this time. But, I'd done a few fun photo sets and have been sad seeing them collecting dust in a folder! So without overcomplicating things, here's how you can get your hands on new, never-before-released photo sets :)


SET 01 - $15
28 photos, 145MB
Translucent undies, my fave dildo with closeups!

SET 02 - $15
27 photos, 149MB
Translucent bra & thong, jeweled butt plug, lots of dildo fun

SET 03 - $5
8 photos, 52MB
Feetsies, toe rings, cute nude foot poses with jeweled butt plug

SET 04 - $10
27 photos, 267MB
Stairway + black net bodysuit

SET 05 - $10
19 photos, 180MB
Artistic nudes & mirror

SET 06 - $5
13 photos, 102MB
Wake & bake Saturday smoking in lingerie

SET 07 - $5
27 photos, 242MB
Pretty in pink posing

SET 08 - $5
24 photos, 217MB
High leg floral bodysuit

19 mins 1080p mp4, 534MB

ALL 8 photo sets + video = $70 $50

how to buy

  • Do the math (all prices in USD)
  • Send me the total via 💲Cash App/Venmo, username: stephthegeek
    OR 🪙 cryptocurrency:
  • Email me with a list of the set numbers, and I will reply with download links within a day (but probably much faster)
  • Enjoy! 😊

Stephanie Pakrul

aka stephthegeek since 2000